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About Humanwell US

Humanwell Pharmaceutical US, Inc. is a Missouri-incorporated pharmaceutical research and development company that focuses on the development of novel therapies to address unmet medical needs. Humanwell US is an independent subsidiary company of Yichang Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co. LTD.

Yichang Humanwell

Yichang Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co. LTD,  is a global market leader in anesthetic and pain medications. More than 4,000 employees work together to deliver products to over 20 countries, helping to make the world a healthier and happier place.  

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Our Timeline

2015.9: Founding of Humanwell US  
2016.8: Grand opening of the laboratory
2016.12: DEA registrations obtained
2017.5: Tech transfer of developed oral products
2018.5: Branded Products Department established
2019.9: Lab expansion for NCE and complex injectables
2020.Q4: First ANDA filing 
2020.Q4: First NCE compound enters GLP

2022.Q2: First ANDA Approval

2022.Q3: First 505(b)(2) project enters GLP

2023.Q1: First NDA project approved by FDA enters Phase I clinical trial

2023.Q3: Second ANDA Approval

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